Grace Lee for Maybelline New York creates a beauty look for Ottolinger’s SS 2017 show that is all about a mix of a glam girl with an edge. “This girl started out the night with a perfect red lipstick, and then gets into some trouble, or just a bit of fun along the way.” Grace explains that this is why her lips are just a little bit blurred outside of the lines, as if she may have had a kiss – or two. @Graceleebeauty.

  1. Maybelline-nyfw-OTTO-LINGER-macro-step1-3x4

    Grace starts by prepping the skin with Dream Cushion Fresh Face Liquid Foundation.

  2. Maybelline-nyfw-OTTO-LINGER-macro-step2-3x4

    To dial back the brows Grace brushing concealer through the hairs with FaceStudio Master Conceal.

  3. Maybelline-nyfw-OTTO-LINGER-macro-step3-3x4

    On both the eyes and lips Grace blends Color Jolt Lip Paint in Red-dy Or Not with Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipstick in Midnight Merlot. She uses a brush to apply to get diffusion of color along the eye lid and across the lips and outside of the lip line.

  4. Maybelline-nyfw-OTTO-LINGER-macro-step4-3x4

    Next Grace adds Lip Studio Shine Shot Lip Top Coat to both the eyes and lips for that extra sheen.

  5. Maybelline-nyfw-OTTO-LINGER-macro-step5-3x4

    To finish off the look, Push Up Falsies Angel Mascara is applied just to the roots of the lashes as to not distract from the gloss on the eye.


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